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Mid-Retirement Prime

In the golden years of retirement, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor fulfilling the bucket list, but it’s time to get serious about cash flow and your just-in-case playbooks to preserve your wealth and protect your assets.


Planning for your 2nd Act

While living in retirement in your 60s and early 70s, retirees are focused on maximization: maximizing bucket list travel and life experiences, health & fitness, and — of course — your wealth.

Retirees will spend time getting their financial house in order during this stage as major milestones arise. These can include full retirement age for SSI, Medicare eligibility, and retirement account distributions. While you’re in the prime of retirement, you will likely be generating income from various sources. Tax minimization, asset allocation and consolidation, and an up-to-date estate plan are must-dos.

60's & 70's

Retirement Milestones

During the mid-retirement years, cash flow and liquidity loom large while you generate retirement income, preserve your wealth and strategize on how and when to minimize taxes. Retirement wealth management at this stage can involve significant portfolio rebalancing, social security strategies, backdoor Roth conversions, and tax smart withdrawals.

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Social Security Survivor Benefits

Loss of a Breadwinner

If you experience the loss of a spouse, you may be eligible to receive this benefit as early as age 60. The amount of the benefit will depend on the deceased’s work history and age/disability of any children.



Social Security Eligibility

Reduced SSI Benefit

Receive a reduced monthly SSI benefit, but possibly a larger total amount, based on your work history and lifespan.



Medicare Enrollment

Covering Healthcare Expenses

Move from employer-based coverage to government sponsored, and decoding the alphabet soup of Parts A, B, C & D.



Social Security Full Retirement Age

Full SSI Benefit

Receive the full social security benefit to fund living expenses and save for healthcare and insurance needs.

Our Services

Mid-Retirement Planning

For recent retirees or those in mid-retirement, retirement management planning can help generate steady income, protect your assets and help you think ahead about the what-ifs when it comes to your cash flow and liquidity.

Tax Planning

Minimize taxes with tax-efficient asset location, take advantage of tax breaks for retirees, and coordinate withdrawals with other income sources.

Investment Management

Focus on preserving income-generating assets, reducing risk in your investment portfolio, or seeking out lower-risk alternatives.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Manage your expenses to make retirement savings last and preserve the nest egg you've built up.

How Can We Help?

Talk to a financial advisor about what the mid-retirement stage or prime wealth preservation years may look like for you. Get the tools & expertise you need to retire with confidence.

Our Approach

How We Work


Spend some time with us to discuss your current situation and retirement goals. If we agree that we are a good fit for each other, we will progress to the next step.


We will gather relevant information from you, construct a blueprint and review it with you to discuss how we can work together. We then review our service offering and agree on a path to move forward.


Time to start working together. We will deliver your Retirement Policy Statement, open accounts, transfer assets (as appropriate) and set up our technology infrastructure. Your retirement blueprint is put into action.


We begin our ongoing planning and investment management. We will establish our communication plans and schedule of activities with you, so you know what to expect going forward. We will also establish a regular schedule to review and monitor your finances, check your progress toward your goals and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Ready to Work Together?

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Additional Services

Retirement Management

Whether you’re navigating the early stages of retirement in your 50s and 60s or contemplating the legacy-focused years of your 70s and 80s, Milestone Money has tailored retirement offerings to suit your evolving needs. Explore the unique details of each service offering below.

Retirement Planning
50s & 60s

For pre-retirees or those in the early stages of retirement, the initial stride in developing a plan involves embracing a new lifestyle. This might entail reconsidering careers, housing, travel, education, or a combination of these factors. Dedicate some time to carefully contemplate the significance of this imminent, life-altering event.

Retirement Legacy
70s & 80s

As retirees progress past their mid-70s, their attention turns towards safeguarding retirement income, managing healthcare and long-term care expenses, and updating their estates. Prioritizing healthspan and longevity may shift their focus away from financial concerns, enabling retirees to dedicate more time to maintaining their desired lifestyle.

Download our free checklist of 32 important issues you should really think about before you retire.


Download our free checklist of 32 important issues you should really think about before you retire.

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Life is full of financial milestones. We pay for college, we get married, we start businesses. But the most important financial decision we will ever make is when and how to retire. Milestone Money helps you map success to and through retirement.